Miss Direction

Disgraced ex-Detective Sergeant Phillip Fishmandatu has lost everything – the woman he loves, his unborn child, his promising career, and his unimpeachable reputation. Fragile, confused, he’s not in the right frame of mind to make sensible decisions. Then notorious London gangster Jimmy Chadwick comes calling…

Chadwick’s got a job for Phillip, and it’s almost too good to be true. More money than Phillip could earn in a decade simply for some investigative work in the beautiful Caribbean. Track down the owner of a secret offshore fund containing thirty-seven million pounds, and tell Chadwick where the money’s hidden…but the woman he’s been sent to find not only murdered the most important person in Jimmy Chadwick’s life, but is also responsible for the death of Phillip’s beloved Annelisse and the destruction of all his hopes and dreams.

The old Phillip believed in truth, justice, and honour. The new Phillip has discovered the twin temptations of revenge and greed. In the tropical heat, the passion of the past and promise of the future entwine to beguile him into recklessness. In the sequel to Miss Taken Identity, Phillip Fishmandatu falls helplessly under the bewitching spell of the devious killer Tammi Rivers, agreeing to double-cross the villainous Chadwick for a significant share of her vast hidden fortune.

As their plot takes shape, Phillip discovers the omnipotent Chadwick’s had him under surveillance since his arrival in Antigua, and what began as a complex piece of skilful misdirection unravels into a desperate scramble for their lives…