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Against All Odds

Neglected and heartbroken, Grace Radley flees London and the humiliation of her husband’s serial infidelity…but escaping her past proves far from easy.

On the windswept deck of the Orkney ferry, she strikes up an unlikely friendship with desperate Sonia Flett, who’s running home from the mess she’s made of her own London life.

Workaholic musician, Vidar Rasmussen, is also on his way from London to Orkney.  Approaching fifty, increasingly dissatisfied with the enforced isolation of fame, Vidar is longing for companionship to lighten his lonely middle-age.

Captivated by the vivacious Grace, Vidar falls instantly and passionately in love.  It seems nothing can upset the perfection of their union…except Sonia Flett.  She’s Vidar’s former lover, she’s pregnant, and she won’t say who the father is.

When Grace’s abandoned husband arrives in Orkney to fetch her home, both Vidar and Grace are forced to confront their past mistakes, and justify the lies they’ve told.

Against the odds, can their love survive?

Against All Odds Cover.jpg