First Sight

Can a stranger fix your broken heart?

Everett McCann is a survivor.

Raised on the road, beaten to within an inch of his life, there's no one harder to knock down than this cowboy.

Now a self-made man, healthy and wealthy on his Wyoming ranch, only one thing can bring Everett to his knees - loneliness.

Hope Howarth is hanging by a thread.  Her husband divorced her after nineteen years because she failed to have a baby.  The doctors say there's nothing wrong, but it must be her, because now her ex has a child with someone else.

Penniless, humiliated, depressed - how can she be called Hope when none exists?

When a chance to escape the daily drudgery presents itself, will Hope rise to the challenge?  Is she daring enough to abandon everything she knows to marry a stranger for money on U.S Reality TV?

Does she believe in love at first sight?