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Many The Miles

Can a whistleblower outrun the CIA?

Gage Rutter is alone, and that’s the way he likes it; travelling the mountain roads, always moving, keeping the memories at bay.

Sometimes he’s even able to forget that night and the raging wildfire that killed his wife and week-old son.

Irrevocably damaged by the pain of his loss and the guilt of his survival, encounters with humanity are agony to him now.  All he needs to sustain him is scouring wind, open sky, and the freedom of the road.

When he stumbles upon the badly-beaten body of a young woman in a remote roadside ditch, is the fragile peace of Gage’s self-imposed isolation about to be shattered forever? 

Who is she, where has she come from, and why won’t she utter a word?

mtm cover front.jpg