English author Annie Holder worked as a PA and freelance copywriter in London and the South East UK from the 1990s until 2012, when she took on the full-time care of her terminally ill father.
Creating fiction provided the vital escape she needed during this tough time, and she’s written ever since.

Her exuberant and ingenious stories include the unconventional Orcadian love-triangle romance AGAINST ALL ODDS, the feel-good Wyoming love story FIRST SIGHT, and the pacey commercial thriller series MISS TAKEN IDENTITY and MISS DIRECTION (with the third and final book in the series, MISS CALCULATION, due for release in 2020).
Her newest Florida-based conspiracy thriller, MANY THE MILES is serialised on her Blog Just Write, Right?.

All Annie’s work is available worldwide as both eBook and paperback on Amazon.

Annie has also recently launched 'SHORTS: 10-minute reads for coffee break or commute' on her Blog, which will feature regular excerpts from her current work, plus one-off short stories.
Ideal escapism for busy lives...